Hi, I'm Brian

I'm a results-driven technical architect with 20+ years of experience at an industry leading voluntary benefits company. My areas of expertise include C#, ASP.Net, Microsoft web technologies, API design, Services (REST, WCF), SQL Server, creating reusable frameworks and Sitecore. I am passionate about learning new tools and technologies and helping others succeed.

A Little About Me

My single greatest accomplishment is being the father of a wonderful daughter.  Below is a pic of us in Quito, Ecuador on our way to the Galapagos Islands.  What an experience!

In Equador

I've done a lot of traveling for both business and pleasure.  I've been to Ecuador, Germany (twice), India, Ireland, Italy (twice), London (twice), Paris, and Spain.  Of all the places that I've been I enjoyed Germany the most and plan to return.  My brother and I went there in 2015 with the goal of driving on the Autobahn - which we did in a new BMW M5.  Talk about a rush!

In case you haven't guessed, I like cars.  I'm a member of the BMW Car Club of America, frequent the local Cars and Coffee events and participate in high performance driving events (HPDE) when I can.  I've also attended the BMW Performance Driving School a couple of times in Greer, SC and can highly recommend it.  You really do learn a lot that can be applied to everyday driving.  I'm planning to do the 2-day M School soon so I can get the most out of my 2018 BMW M2.


Professional Accomplishments

I've working within the Microsoft Technology stack for the past 17+ years with a total of 22+ years in the insurance space.  I also enjoy learning new technologies and finding the best way to use them to solve problems.  I created my company's first iOS application and was the co-creator of our first Alexa Skill.  I have also obtained numerous certifications throughout my career which are listed below.


As always, all of the views on this site are my own and do not represent those of my employer in any way.